Meet the Gardeneers!

In this new chapter book series we follow three best friends at a fictional school in Australia and a new educator who works with them to build a school garden. There are 12 books in the series and each book focuses on a different principle of permaculture.

What is permaculture? Essentially it’s a set of principles for designing a garden space in a way that’s all about working in harmony with nature, rather than trying to fight against it. These principles don’t just apply in the garden — they can apply to many aspects of our lives – and that’s what the children in our books learn as well. Everyone contributes and has a role to play in the garden and in caring for the earth in general.

We can’t talk about earth care without acknowledging the centuries of wisdom of the first Australians.  At the end of each book there are a few special features including a short lesson on how to say a word in a different Aboriginal language and resources for more information.

(This information was used with permission from the 50 Words Project– an initiative out of the University of Melbourne.)

Do It Yourself! Each book also ends with a DIY project based on the story, so this is a great way for parents or teachers to read these books with your kids and then extend their learning by doing something hands-on.

What ages are these books for? These are early chapter books so they’re great for kids around ages 7-10 who can read on their own. (But my 5 year old loves me reading them to him as well!) They’re illustrated throughout to bring the characters to life.

Where does the money go? The money you contribute primarily goes to cover the printing and shipping costs. By utilising “print on demand” technology it means we print only what we need so there’s less waste – but it can mean a bigger up front cost to us as publishers. We print locally and ethically in Australia.

Of the profits:

50% Goes to our Illustrator

25% Will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

25% Goes back into Loose Parts Press to go towards funding future projects

Thanks so much for your support!