Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback: Pinwheels + Creative “Calm Down” Projects

In Book #4 in “The Gardeneers” series, the kids learn a lot about self-regulation – something that’s important in the garden, but also a very important skill for children to learn when it comes to emotions. (And let’s face it – something many adults could also improve on!)

In “The Pinwheel Plot” Myrtle talks about deep-breathing to help regulate our bodies when we’re experiencing big feelings.

There are lots of creative ways to encourage deep-breathing, like making the titular pinwheels!

You can find the simple instructions for how to make these pinwheels from paper and straws in the “DIY” section of “The Pinwheel Plot.”

Another art project I’ve done with my kiddos is “blow painting” using liquid water colours and a straw to blow out those big feelings!

There are also so many great sensory play options that can help kids with calming down from play dough to rice bins.

You can make sensory jars using water bottles filled with water + whatever you’d like. Often they use glitter but why not go a more eco-friendly route and fill them with flower petals, leaf confetti or other natural materials. Shake them up and watch them settle. (Just be sure that lid is on tight!)


Chloe uses dandelions and pinwheels to blow when she’s feeling upset. What other things could you practise blowing?

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