Gardeneers Homeschool Resources

UPDATE: I’ve made the activities for the first six books available to download here for free. You can purchase a complete Gardeneers Activity Guide here, which contains:
12 Weeks of Lessons, each based on a different principle of permaculture, including:
* A colouring-in sheet
* A word search
*Four cross-curricular activities covering art, history, writing, science, geography, maths, health and more!
Plus three bonus sheets on how to draw characters from “The Gardeneers”


Whether you’re “distance learning” through school and need some more activities to pad out your week, or homeschooling is the norm for you, I’ve put together some free resources.

Each of these lesson packs is tied to one the books in my series “The Gardeneers” which in turn is tied to one of the 12 Permaculture Principles. You can still do all of these activities without the books, or you can purchase here.

I’ve tried to write activities appropriate (or adaptable) for kids in Kindy up through Year 4 or 5. But consider these a jumping off point.

I hope this resource helps in some small way to navigate this difficult time. Don’t forget to keep scrolling down this blog for more downloadable resources and activity ideas.

If you end up doing any of these activities, I’d love to see photos. Contact me (and don’t forget to tag!) through Loose Parts Press on Facebook.

❤ Love, Sharon

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