About the Creators

Sharon BaldwinAuthor & Book Designer, Sharon Baldwin
Sharon is the founder of Loose Parts Press. She lives in the Blue Mountains with her two children and two chickens. Previously she ran a nonprofit children’s art organisation for five years and worked as a family photographer. Although she’s pretty new to growing her own vegetables, she’s highly experienced at eating them.

Sharon is available for author visits and educational workshops.

Tia Madden

Illustrator, Tia Madden

Tia Madden is an Artist and Illustrator from the Blue Mountains, where she grew up with her twin brother and older brother. She studies a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW Art & Design, and loves to draw, paint, and make things. Tia loves to read and write, and loves to imagine and illustrate the adventures that Will, Yasmin and Chloe get up to as the Gardeneers.

You can follow Tia’s work on Instagram.

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