Gardeneers Homeschool Resources

UPDATE: I’ve made the activities for the first six books available to download here for free. You can purchase a complete Gardeneers Activity Guide here, which contains:12 Weeks of Lessons, each based on a different principle of permaculture, including:* A colouring-in sheet* A word search*Four cross-curricular activities covering art, history, writing, science, geography, maths, healthContinue reading “Gardeneers Homeschool Resources”

Learn to Draw the Gardeneers!

Our illustrator extraordinaire Tia Madden put together these worksheets for our recent book launch party and now you can download them and learn to draw at home – the three main characters in “The Gardeneers.” Choose from: YASMIN WILL CHLOE We’d love to see your drawings! Send photos of your artwork to and weContinue reading “Learn to Draw the Gardeneers!”

Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback: Pinwheels + Creative “Calm Down” Projects

In Book #4 in “The Gardeneers” series, the kids learn a lot about self-regulation – something that’s important in the garden, but also a very important skill for children to learn when it comes to emotions. (And let’s face it – something many adults could also improve on!) In “The Pinwheel Plot” Myrtle talks aboutContinue reading “Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback: Pinwheels + Creative “Calm Down” Projects”

Observe and Interact: Map-Making

One great way to observe and interact with your garden space is by creating a map of it. Map-making is a great activity because you can tailor it to the age and skill level of the child.  Little ones can simply draw the important things they see or older kids can take measurements and createContinue reading “Observe and Interact: Map-Making”